Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Centrum PUCP Business School, Lima, Perú
Cognitione Foundation
"Celebrating 100 Years" of Diplomatic Collaboration between Poland and Peru




Balancing Contemporary Challenges With Innovability



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To pioneer a future where innovation harmoniously intertwines with sustainability,
paving the way for a balanced global community.



Dr. Percy Marquina

(General Director of CENTRUM PUCP Business School, Lima, Perú)

"Innovability: The mission of the CENTRUM PUCP in shaping the future of business and leaders of change"




Ambassador, Professor Antonina Magdalena Śniadecka – Kotarska

(Embassy of Poland in Lima, Perú)


Augusto Morelli Salgado

(General Director for Economic Promotion, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Perú)


Dariusz Latoszek

(Representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Poland)




Dr. Iván De la Vega

(CENTRUM PUCP Business School, Lima, Perú)

"Innovability and the future: Redefining global priorities for a sustainable tomorrow"



Michał Krawczyk

(Vice President of National Chamber of Commerce, KIG, Poland)

"Polish-Peruvian cooperation in relation to the economic challenges of both countries"


Conference Overview


Join us at ICEFM 2024, a seminal event marking a centenary of diplomatic ties between Poland and Peru. This conference is dedicated to exploring the fusion of innovation and sustainability – Innovability – in the realms of economics, finance, and management. Set against the backdrop of historic international collaboration, ICEFM 2024 stands as a beacon of interdisciplinary knowledge and global partnership.


Innovability integrates the essence of innovation with the principles of sustainability, championing the development of novel, effective solutions that simultaneously prioritize environmental stewardship, social well-being, and economic resilience. This approach propels industries and societies towards a future where progress and responsibility coexist harmoniously, ensuring that today's advancements do not compromise tomorrow's possibilities. Emphasizing innovability, ICEFM 2024 addresses the critical need for sustainable development in economics, finance, and management, spotlighting strategies that promise enduring success and equitable growth in a rapidly evolving global landscape. 

Explore Our Diverse Thematic Tracks at ICEFM 2024


These tracks should provide a comprehensive overview of topics related to economics, finance, and management while aligning with the theme of balancing contemporary challenges with innovability in this edition of our conference, ensuring a rich and engaging experience for all attendees:



  • Track E1. Innovative Economic Policies for Sustainable Development: Exploring how innovative economic strategies can address contemporary environmental and social challenges.
  • Track E2. Digital Economy and Globalization: Understanding the impact of digital transformation and globalization on modern economies.
  • Track E3. Behavioral Economics in the Face of Crises: Examining how behavioral insights can help in crafting effective policies during global challenges.
  • Track E4. Economic Resilience and Diversification: Strategies for economies to withstand and adapt to changing global scenarios.
  • Track E5. Green Economy and Future Growth: Investigating how the shift towards a green economy can foster sustainable economic growth
  • Track E6. Innovability From the Global and Regional Perspective: Examine the unique challenges and opportunities in Latin America, focusing on innovation and sustainable solutions. 
  • Track E7. Societal Impact of Innovabibility Studies: Exploring the different qualitative dimensions or quantitative indicators for measuring the societal impact of innovation and sustainability studies. 
  • Track E8. Computational Thinking and Social Complexity: How much have we advanced to understand and act effectively on social problems? Are we in a position to improve social inequality? 



  • Track F1. Financial Innovation and Risk Management: Understanding the role of financial innovation in managing risks in volatile markets.
  • Track F2. Sustainable Finance and Investment: Examining the trends and challenges in green finance and responsible investing.
  • Track F3. FinTech and Digital Transformation in Finance: Exploring how technological advancements are reshaping the finance sector.
  • Track F4. Global Financial Stability in Uncertain Times: Strategies to maintain financial stability amidst global economic uncertainties.
  • Track F5. Impact Investing for Social Change: Discussing the role of finance in driving social change and addressing societal challenges.



  • Track M1. Future-Oriented Management Strategies: Learn to steer organizations towards growth, resilience, and adaptability.
  • Track M2. Innovative Management Practices for Organizational Agility: How organizations can stay agile and adaptable in a rapidly changing business environment. 
  • Track M3. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Integrating sustainability and CSR into core business practices.
  • Track M4. Future of Work - Managing a Remote and Diverse Workforce: Best practices for managing a geographically dispersed and diverse team. 
  • Track M5. Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning: Preparing organizations to effectively respond to and recover from crises. 
  • Track M6. Data Analytics and Decision Making: Delve into how data analytics is transforming decision-making in finance and management.
  • Track M7. Marketing Innovability - Navigating Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age: The impact of digital transformation on consumer behavior and marketing strategies, highlighting sustainable and innovative practices in the marketing field.
  • Track M8. Identity and Innovability - Dynamics in Sustainable and Innovative Management: The role of identity in driving sustainable and innovative behaviors within management practices, analyzing its impact on organizational strategies and outcomes. 


Unique Features of ICEFM 2024


  • Academic-Business Synergy: Bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering collaborative solutions.
  • Business Roundtables: Engage in insightful discussions with industry leaders and experts.
  • Innovability Hackathon: A hands-on challenge to devise practical solutions for real-world business problems.


Benefits for Participants


  • Gain Deep Insights: Understand the pivotal role of Innovability in shaping modern economies as well as current trends in economics, finance, and business.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with a global community of scholars, professionals, and policymakers.
  • Knowledge Enrichment: Stay at the forefront of innovative research and practices.
  • Publication Opportunities: Share your research and insights on an international platforms (Web of Science, Scopus, and Routledge).
  • Nurture Future Innovators: Inspire and mentor the next generation of leaders and change-makers


Join Us in Reimagining the Future


ICEFM 2024 is more than a conference; it's a platform for transformative ideas, fostering a future where Innovability reshapes economies, businesses, and governance globally. Celebrate the power of collaboration and innovation in this centennial conference of Poland-Peru partnership. Chart a path towards a sustainable and innovative future with us!


Balancing Contemporary Challenges with Innovability