Unlock the Power of Innovability through Problem-Solving


Engage in the dynamic T.L. Saaty Decision Making Hackathon at ICEFM2024, designed to empower participants in addressing real-world business and societal challenges through the lens of Innovability.

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Challenge Exploration and Areas


Participants are invited to delve into the multifaceted world of Innovability, either by choosing from predefined challenge areas or proposing their unique problem statements aligned with the conference theme. These challenges, aligned with ICEFM2024's theme, serve as a creative springboard:

Challenge Area 1. Sustainable Supply Chain Optimization:

  • Innovate strategies for eco-friendly supply chain management.
  • Focus on waste reduction, efficiency, and sustainable practices.

Challenge Area 2. Renewable Energy Integration:

  • Tackle the complexities of integrating renewable energy into existing grids.
  • Propose solutions for sustainable energy transitions.

Challenge Area 3. Circular Economy Solutions:

  • Innovate in waste and resource management within a circular economy framework.
  • Emphasize recycling, repurposing, and waste reduction.

Challenge Area 4. Social Innovation for Inclusive Business:

  • Develop strategies for business inclusivity and social responsibility.
  • Address diversity, equity, and inclusion in business contexts.


Open Challenge Proposals


We encourage the submission of unique challenges that resonate with Innovability, economics, finance, or management themes.


Evaluation Criteria


Challenges will be assessed for relevance, innovativeness, and potential impact.


Hackathon Journey


  • Orientation: An introductory session to understand the event, form teams, and learn about decision-making techniques.
  • Problem Analysis: Deep dive into challenge topics, supported by resources and training.
  • Solution Development: Develop innovative solutions addressing the core issues.
  • Team Presentation: Showcase your solutions to a panel of judges.


Online Format


This entirely online event allows global participation and collaboration.


International Expert Evaluation


Solutions will be rigorously evaluated by an international panel of experts.


Awards and Recognition


Exceptional solutions will be recognized with awards and opportunities to present to global authorities.


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Open to diverse international participants. Embark on a journey of problem-solving, creativity, and innovation.


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